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Low Back Pain Quiz
Almost everyone has back pain at some time in his or her life. In fact, it is the second-leading reason why Americans see the doctor. Most episodes of low back pain start to improve within one week and clear up within four to six weeks, but there are times when the pain is more extreme.

Learn more about low back pain by taking the following short quiz.
1. Weight-reduction after the onset of low back pain is of no benefit, since the damage has already occurred.
2. Although heavy backpacks for children may be uncomfortable, they are not usually associated with long-term problems.
3. Smoking can affect low back pain.
4. Low back pain is common not only in pregnant women, but also in new mothers, even if no back pain was present before the pregnancy.
5. If you experience minor back pain, it is always recommended that you completely rest in bed for at least one week.

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