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Blood and Stool Sample Collection in Subjects with a Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer or Colorectal Lesion.

Patients being asked to take part in a research study being conducted by Exact Sciences because they are 40 years or older and were recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) and/or precancerous colorectal polyp large enough to require surgery, a second more extensive colonoscopy, or other treatment.

The purpose of this study is to collect stool and blood samples to develop or improve tests for screening of CRC and pre-cancerous polyps. Patients will be asked to provide a blood and stool sample before any pre-surgical bowel preparation or the start of pre-operative chemotherapy or radiation.

Principle Investigator: Jason Lei, M.D.


A Phase II Clinical Trial Platform of Sensitization Utilizing Total Neoadjuvant Therapy (TNT) in Rectal Cancer

Patients are being asked to take part in this research study because they have rectal cancer that is considered locally advanced and they have not yet been treated with surgery. Patients with locally advanced rectal cancer who are not in a research study are usually treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy before surgery. In this study, an experimental drug is added to the usual treatment. The purpose of this study is to learn if adding an experimental drug, veliparib, to a usual treatment is better than the usual treatment alone. To be better than the usual treatment, the addition of the experimental drug to the usual treatment needs to shrink more of the cancer than the usual treatment alone.
Another purpose of this study is to test the good and bad effects of veliparib when added to the usual treatment. Veliparib may shrink the cancer but it can also cause side effects. Veliparib is not FDA-approved for treating cancer but it is being used in other clinical trials. In this study, veliparib is considered to be experimental

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Principle Investigator: Catherine Kim, M.D.


Contacts for Participation in Clinical Trials:

Virtua Samson Cancer Center
Theresa Carducci, MSN, RN, BA, CCRP
Protocol Coordinator, Cancer Registry & Research
(856) 206-4721

Karen Goldsmith, BSN, RN
Protocol Coordinator
(856) 247-7395

Maria Jenkins, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator
(856) 247-7396