Clinical Trials for Thoracic

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International registry on thoracic cancer patients with COVID-19 (Thoracic cancERs international coVid 19 cOLlaboraTion) TERAVOLT

This is a longitudinal multi-centre study on thoracic cancer patients (any age, sex, histology, stage, in active treatment as well as in clinical follow-up) which, experienced COVID-19. Information on clinical features, clinical course, management and outcomes will be collected for both, thoracic cancers and COVID-19 infection. It is proposed to develop a tailored risk assessment strategy for thoracic cancer patients and develop treatment recommendations for thoracic cancer patients.

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Principle Investigator: Matthew Puc, M.D.


Contacts for Participation in Clinical Trials:

Virtua Samson Cancer Center
Theresa Carducci, MSN, RN, BA, CCRP
Protocol Coordinator, Cancer Registry & Research
(856) 206-4721

Karen Goldsmith, BSN, RN
Protocol Coordinator
(856) 247-7395

Maria Jenkins, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator
(856) 247-7396